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Welcome to our beautiful online boutique! We hope you love our clothes as much as we do. To ensure you are provided with the best possible experience, our top priority here at Brielle & Co. is customer service. We know that it can be worrisome to shop at an unknown, small business, especially online, so we just want you to know that we're here for you. Our team takes great care in doing our very best to ensure you don't lose faith or trust in our business!

Brielle & Co. Boutique was created in 2017 based on a problem we consistently found when shopping around. We noticed it was always SUPER difficult to find unique clothes that weren't SUPER expensive. Most local boutiques supplied what we needed, but at anything-but-affordable prices! 

We did a bit of research and realized that most of these boutiques were buying their products from other designers and manufacturers located both domestically and abroad. They weren't making the clothes themselves! We contacted the designers and realized just how much these boutiques were marking up these super cute clothes and instantly had the thought:

"Why not just cut out all of the middlemen and create an easy way for others to buy directly from these designers, without the gigantic markups?"

So, with lots of help from friends, family and people just like you who support small businesses, we decided to launch brielleandco.com. We hope this background provides you with more information regarding our mission and values here at Brielle & Co. We can't wait to provide business to all you women who've been in similar positions as ourselves.

Thank you for supporting a small business! 

- Cheers!
Margaret, Brielle & Co. Boutique

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